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What is BlankDAO?

BlankDAO is a social organization with an aim to break
blockchain barriers on the road of decentralization
by relying on real people instead of  miners.
BlankDAO is Currently an Aragon DAO

Active Projects


BrightID is an identity network providing proof of unique personhood. A BrightID is a socially unique identifier verified through graph analysis.

Ether Bank

Ether Bank is a decentralized bank on Ethereum. It gives out zero-interest loans for Ether holders. The loans are paid out as stablecoins called Ether dollars.


A decentralized zero fee exchange, to buy and sell Ethereum ERC20 tokens

Decentralized Credit Network

Decentralized Credit Network enables credit assessment and provision for all, based on peer to peer vouching.

Unchained Ledger

Unchained Ledger is a distributed ledger with a limited number of verifiers that is robust against double spending attacks without using the blockchain mechanism.




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Step 1

Install BrightID

BrightID is proof of world citizenship. Having an account in BrightID proves you are a unique person.

Step 2

Integrate your BrightID & Ethereum

We’ll send your rewards and tokens to your Ethereum address that is integrated to BrightID.

Step 3

Achieve +90 scores (5 points)

Your BrightID score is calculated based on your connections and the groups you join. It represents the probability of you being a unique person

Step 4

Invite your friends to BrightID (1 point per friend)

You get a point each time a friend of yours achieves +90 scores in less than a month.

Step 5

Invite investors to the crowdsale (10 points per $1000)

The Crowdsale smart contract will ask a referral code from investors. You can share your Ethereum address as referral code to investors. Your referral code is valid if your score was +90 for one week.


Abram Symons


Adam Stallard

Founder of BrightID

Alan Borger

Marketing Advisor

Ali Reza Paslar


Ali Reza Rahmani


Hamid ZarePour


Reza Bakhshandeh

Founder of WeChange

Matthew Carano

Marketing Advisor

Mohsen Khan Mohamad Zadeh


Pol Bordas

Communities Advisor

Tjijandjewa Mbai

Community Advisor

Yalor Tackson

Marketing Advisor